Insurance Services

Here at Motorworld we aim to help our clients as much as possible, which is why we now offer a full insurance service. We deal with a number of companies so as to cover as much as possible.


Firstly we can arrange insurance for Motor, Home, Marine and Travel.

Motor policy offers the following. The policy documents are provided in English and Spanish, young drivers on request, protected no claims discount, courtesy car, breakdown and legal assistance (through ARAG), both Spanish and English registered cars. We can also price match any like for like quote!

Our home insurance policy offers the following. The policy document is provided in English, comprehensive cover, loss or damage to valuables option, permanent and holiday homes, accidental damage option, new for old.

Our marine policy offers the following. The policy document is provided in English, comprehensive and third party options, English and Spanish flags.

Our travel policy offers the following. The policy document is provided in English, comprehensive cover, cover available up to the age of 85, annual and single trips, business option, golf option, worldwide cover.


Secondly we can arrange cover for life, funeral plans, household insurance, accident insurance, commercial, communities, pension plans, and marine insurance.

Household insurance (for houses, apartment’s villas, and mobile static homes). The household insurance from Cahispa will allow you to protect your home from any risk or eventuality. This multi risk policy offers you a wide range of cover, some which are standard and others are optional, for both the Building (the home and all of its installations) and the Contents (furniture, personal belongings and decorations, jewellery, gems, art, etc.), so that you can design a policy to suit you. With the HOME ASSISTANCE service, a simple phone call will give provide you with a large organisation of professionals who will carry out any repairs covered after a claim, without having to pay any amount yourself.

Community insurance. This policy covers the following; any fixed installations that form part of a community i.e. the water pipes, lifts, satellite dishes or aerials, fencing, walls, gardens, pools, lights, glass, etc. anything that forms part of the community. If the community is insured with the company, those individuals that decided to insure their property with the company get a special discount.

Commercial insurance. This can be for bars, shops, garages, etc. it is for anyone with a premises that supplies a service to outsiders. All of the stock would be covered as well as the civil liability insurance should anyone hurt themselves on your premises as well as money in the till, fire and theft, water damage, freezer cover, glass cover etc.

Life insurance. This offers cover in the event of the death of the insured for any reason, the payout of the insured sum to the designated beneficiary. An extra can be added to allow a double or triple payout following the death of the insured person through, death caused by an accident, death caused by a road traffic accident, advanced payout following a total or permanent disability. The advantages of having a life insurance policy is maximum security for your family, especially during those times in life when the depend on you, total flexibility you can cover the capital that suits you, and it is easy to take out. For anyone under the age of 45 you can get cover up to 90.000€ by just filling out a single form.

Funeral plan. You will agree that there is no event that is less desired yet nonetheless certain than the end of the journey that is our lives. It is an event that unfortunately all of us all must face. It is precisely at such a moment that FUNERAL AND BURIAL INSURANCE provides so much support to your family, since it simplifies all of the administrative processes associated with contracting the services required, and it will save them from having to make a significant expenditure which in many instances poses a serious problem to family finances. The policy covers the costs of the funeral service, the morgue stay, a niche, a headstone and a cremation and urn, as standard. As an optional extra you can obtain cover for transport of the body, travel assistance, legal assistance, medical assistance, accidents, and a daily compensation for hospitalisation and childbirth.

Pension plans. Our pension plans cover retirement, disability and death. The pension plan will pay out a capital sum or annuity when the participant retires, the minimum age to access the service is 60, and you would also receive a capital sum or annuity in the event of permanent work disability. Your family would also have a piece of mind, if the event of your untimely death, they would receive a capital sum or annuity. The advantages of having a pension plan are that they are a fixed income pension plan which has a conservative investment philosophy. It is ideal for those participants who do not want to be exposed to the fluctuations in the financial markets. The contributions made by the participant, plus the profitability obtained, will allow you to have accumulated or earned capital at the time of retirement or in the event of permanent disability. In the event of the participant’s death, their beneficiaries shall have Access to the accumulated capital. Our pension plan allows periodic contributions, from as little as 60 Euros per month, as well as the possibility of making extraordinary contributions.

Accident insurance. The accident insurance is ideal for people who consider their greatest asset is their ability to work, those who worry that an accident could endanger their standard of living. Cahispa accident insurance with a hospitalisations subsidy has a maximum level of cover that will provide you with protection throughout the world 24 hours a day. The insurance covers of the accident insurance include all injuries suffered by the insured, objectively demonstrable and not intentional on your part, which originate from a violent, sudden and external cause. It also covers the event of total disability resulting from an accident, occurring during non-working hours or at work, Cahispa will pay the total amount agreed. In the event of partial disability resulting from a work or non-work accident, Cahispa shall pay compensation in accordance with the severity of the disability. Your family would also have the piece of mind of receiving a lump sum in the event of death caused by an accident during work hours or during non-working hours.

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